Are you trying to de-clutter your home or clean out your closet? Then something that you probably haven’t considered is to sell clothes online and make some extra money, while also getting that extra space in your home. If you think that you have some great pieces that are in good condition, then there is nothing wrong with selling them to someone else, and if you are wondering here you would be able to do something like that, then let us help you out.


You are probably already familiar with eBay because this is a place where you can sell pretty much anything that you have laying around your house. The first 100 pieces that you put up on their site are free and the site even lets you choose if you want to put a fixed price for the item or create an auction for it. One thing you need to be aware of is that the shipping costs will always fall on you, so make sure that you factor that in the price.


This store is a great way for you to sell clothes online since it is a consignment store hybrid, which means that you can either sell your clothing by mailing the items to them, or find a brick-and-mortar Crossroads location where you can consign your items instead of mailing them in. You can sell both men’s and women’s pieces here and a great tool that the site has is a selling guide that lets you see which items are most in the demand in the time when you’re selling, so definitely make sure to check that out beforehand.


This is an alternative to eBay because when you list an item you provide a fixed price, but your customers can offer you a counter price. This is a great option if you are someone that gets bored of clothes a lot, or simply someone that has a lot of stuff to sell since you will have to create a booth and this means that you will be able to continually update your inventory. Due to the ease of use and the low commissions they have, Bonanza was voted as one of the best ecommerce sites for entrepreneurs, which guarantees the quality and assures you that you will easily find your way around it.

Making extra money has never been easier and it really is as easy as you going online. Choose the right platform that you think will suit the style of items you want to sell, figure out the prices and calculate any extra costs that you may have and then simply go online and sell clothes.