We all need some extra money now and then and we all have some extra clothes laying around cluttering our homes and closets. When you put all of those things together, you come up with a very simple solution which is to sell clothes to make money while also de-cluttering your home and getting that extra closet space we all need. There are many places online where you can do this, and in this article we will show you a few of the best ones out there.


Technically this is not a website, rather an app, but we still like it enough to feature it on this list. This is an up and coming app that you can use to sell both men’s and women’s clothing and the pieces that you sell can be either modern or vintage ones. When you post an item on the app you get to choose the price for it and it is a fixed price, which means that no auctions take place and the communication between yourself and your customers takes place within the app itself. You will have to pay for any shipping costs, so make sure to factor that in the price.


Craigslist is a place where you can find literally anything, so it’s obvious that they also have a clothing and accessories section where you can sell clothes for money after posting the items on the site. This is a great option if you are someone that has clothes and accessories that are in good condition and have been gently used but are non-designer and wouldn’t be accepted by other sites.


This is a site that most ladies could find very useful, since it is a place specifically designed for selling bags online. Most handbag brands are accepted and all you have to do is take a few photos of the bags you want to sell and Rebagg will provide an offer for you. If you like the offer then the company provides free shipping and if you are a New York City resident you can also opt for free pick up from your home and once they receive the bag you will get your payment within three business days.

Whether it’s clothes, accessories, bags or shoes, if you have them laying around and you are not using them, then selling them is a great idea. Choosing the right platform does have a lot to do with how well this works for you and hopefully this article gives you an idea of some of the options available. All that is left now is for you to choose a platform and sell clothes for money in the easiest way- online.

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